Simultaneous, Consecutive, Telephonic (OPI)

Interpreting Services in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval

Simultaneous, Consecutive, Telephonic (OPI)

Interpreting Services in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval

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Professional Interpreting Services

Ad Astra offers Interpretation Services for the areas in and around Montreal, such as the Longueuil (South-Shore) and Laval (North-Shore) in addition to any major city in North America.

Choosing a professional interpretation service partner for your consecutive interpretation or your simultaneous interpretation is a big choice for the success of your event, meeting or presentation.

We at Ad Astra understand that. After all, the interpretation services your audience receives relies on the qualifications of the individuals acting as your linguistic hub.

How the interpreters communicate and convey your ideas, pitches, news and information to others is critical.

What is consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter acts a linguistic hub between two individuals who could otherwise not communicate. The interpreter listens, (they may ask questions for clarity) then conveys what the person said to the other individual in their language.

This is used in circumstances where an interpreter accompanies a person to an event, meeting, appointment or possibly a training.

What is simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the act of interpreting what 1 person says in 1 language and simultaneously communicating what is said into another language. Yes, we’re sure simultaneous interpreters are superhuman.

In a potentially over-simplified explanation, the interpretation is done from a booth, which is a closed windowed box with sound proofed panels, where the interpreter is fed an audio stream of the content to interpret and conveys what is said the alternate language into a microphone, which is broadcast to audience members wearing a small unit called a receiver.

What is On-Demand telephonic interpretation (OPI)

Telephonic interpreting, also called OPI, which stands for Over the Phone Interpreting, is effectively the same as consecutive interpreting, but done over the phone in a 3-way or conference call.

The interpreter listens, and then relays the information to the other party or parties.

Do you also need equipment?

Ad Astra can also facilitate the rental of equipment for such events. Please do feel free to communicate with us in order to ensure availability for your desired event date.