Simplify your process by using

Professional Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Simplify your process by using

Professional Desktop Publishing (DTP)

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Professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) and why it walks hand in hand with Language Services

Even if you have an internal department that performs graphic design and/or desktop publishing, there is still an advantage to using professional Desktop Publishing Services with your professional translation.

Seems odd, right? Outsourcing something that you’re equipped to handle internally? Well, it’s pretty interesting as to why some of the leading companies still outsource Desktop Publishing when they’re dealing with content in “other” languages.

Efficiency of process

The first reason is that Ad Astra can help with the efficiency of the overall process. When you’ve translated material, often what happens, is that the company delivers the translated content.

Job done. We then pat ourselves on the back, and have lavish parties including champagne, caviar and tigers. Yea, no. Ok so that doesn’t really happen.

However, what does happen, is that often we, the translation company, receive a DTP’ed document of the content we just translated. Providing everyone did their jobs well, no issues, and we can get back to our champagne.

What usually happens is that we enter round after round of back and forths yeilding, corrections, modifications, confirmations, re-readings. Not the most efficient process.


These back and forth’s usually happen when the client doesn’t have a resource internally who understands the language they’re in the process of laying out. Although the document/manual/etc. can look wonderful, the resource, must sometimes adjust their style guide to accommodate the language.

More so, they’re unable to accommodate the linguistic side of the layout. Example: Hyphenation, line breaks, non-breaking spaces, etc., which leads to errors in the final document. Some maybe not that important, others however, can be quite severe.

It’s pretty important to have the work done by someone who has working knowledge of the target language, or you end up in that back and forth of correction, followed by modification.


With all this back and forth, the potential loss of time and money is staggering. And that’s when the company was knowledgeable enough to send the document back to have proofread after they laid it out internally.

Imagine the companies that simply assume they’re “good to go”. Potential issues, forgotten content from an inefficient copy/paste process. It can get ugly.

All this said, it’s usually worth the couple of hundred bucks to just get the lay out done by a native speaker of the language and trust the Language Service Company with the task.

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