Know the Québec Language Laws

Québec Francisation Consulting Services

Know the Québec Language Laws

Québec Francisation Consulting Services

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Professional Consulting Services for Businesses in Québec

Québec is an amazing place to do business, but did you know that companies that employ more than 50 people in Québec require a certificate of francisation as per the Charter of the French Language?

When you need to navigate the proverbial linguistic landmine of Québec Language Laws and the process of Francisation, Ad Astra is an ideal partner to guide you through the process.

Ad Astra uses a combination of partners, intimate with the Charter of the French Language and the OQLF (French only) to ensure the smoothest journey to obtain the Francisation certification or establish the requirements to effectively and properly set up shop in Québec.

Francisation Consulting Services – Montréal, Longueuil, Laval

How does Francisation Consulting Services work?

Ad Astra believes the very best way to get started is to assess the starting point, which is to say, where we are right now. This is done via a francisation linguistic audit.

From there, we’ll coordinate with our partners, create a plan while helping guide you through the required steps to move you towards obtaining your Francisation certificate issued by the OQLF.

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    Ad Astra also helps with creating Québec Business Branding and Strategy

    Naturally, when establishing your business in Québec, there are numerous things to consider. How effective your brand will be in Québec is one of the main ones.

    Let Ad Astra help you create an effective Québec-compatible brand and strategy to creating maximum impact for your business activity here in Québec. As the expression goes, people don’t plan to fail, but do indeed fail to plan.

    What we do. Professional Translation, Content Creation and Linguistic Support Services

    Ad Astra knows that many organizations struggle to keep up with the necessity of producing engaging content to communicate with their target audience. The task is magnified when this content needs to be distributed globally.

    Now with a world run by apps and social media, the content paradox is a reality. More global access, more languages, more circulation of generic content, but less actual communication and less authentic content. The same often yields true for Search Engine Optimization content, where we have more “optimized” online content but with less substance.

    Ad Astra understands that quality content and translation is now more important than ever because the content landscape is changing. The way today’s world and our generations are constantly inundated with information forces us to adapt how we communicate, create, translate and distribute content.

    Ad Astra creates and translates engaging content for any language in the world.  We do this for today’s evolving linguistic and cultural landscape, whether through copywriting or professional translation services, no matter whether the language required is English, French, Spanish, Arabic or any other.

    We are your answer to local or global content creation and professional translation services.

    Don’t risk poorly communicating in another language because your primary concern is cost. Poorly communicated ideas, concepts and messages cost way more in lost revenue potential.