English to Italian Translation Services

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English to Italian Translation Services

There are approximately 65,000,000 native Italian speakers in the world, with the oldest known Italian text dating back more than 1000 years. This in its own right is impressive, considering Italian only became an single, recognized official language in 1861.

Ad Astra provides professional English to Italian Translation Services for companies from around the world. We work closely with many video game development agencies that localize their content in Italian in addition to consumer electronics manufacturers. 

English to Italian Translation Services are one of the top 5 language pairs that Ad Astra performs on a daily basis. 

We use professional in-country Italian translators 

What is an in-country translator? 

In-Country resources are translators that reside in the target country of the language we’re translating into. Essentially, this means that Ad Astra has strategic partnerships with companies in virtually every country for an associated language. This means our network actually does span around the world. 

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