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Consumer Electronics Translation Services

Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, and more

Consumer Electronics Translation Services

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Consumer Electronics Translation Services

Consumer Electronic Translations are a Ad Astra speciality. We’ve carried out professional translation services for world-leading consumer electronics companies.

Ad Astra loves doing consumer electronics translation services because we see how creative our customers are! So incredibly cutting-edge that sometimes, we’re left with not only translating the consumer electronics collateral or interface, but genuinely creating new terminology! It’s wonderful to get the opportunity to create in a language.

Our resources have been doing consumer electronics translation services for more years and understand the in’s and out’s of the industry. We know what terminology your competitors are using and thus know what to use and avoid in your translations. Terminology is key to differentiating your products and so the consumer electronics translation services you use, must reflect that as well.

Whether translating you interface or translating your collateral and product specs from English to French, English to Spanish, English to German or any other language, Ad Astra wants to be your partner because Ad Astra loves what you do.

It’s simple, submit your content to Ad Astra, we’ll take care of the professional translation respecting industry best practices, your terminology and the style guide we’ve created for you.

To get started, you can use the cool form over on the right hand side of the screen to make your first request and we’ll get back to you within 1 business hour, but we tend to get back to people with 10 minutes or so. Try it out!

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Work Performed » 97%
Project Communication » 98%
Customer Service » 98%
Clients that would recommend us to a colleague » 100%

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    Your dedicated project manager organizes your requests and ensures that the workflows in place are completed so that your translated material can be delivery on-time.

    Awesome Communication

    The team is constantly overseeing their projects and makes sure to communicate project statuses as needed so that you always know what stage your project is at.

    Industry Best Practices

    Despite being an awesome team, we’re also very serious about what we do. With that said, we adhere to industry best practices to ensure our processes and work are solid.