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French Translation Services

Québec, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Chicago, New York, San Francisco

French Translation Services

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English to French Translation Services

No matter whether you’re looking for French (France) Translation Services, French (Canadian) Translation Services, French (Belgium) Translation Services, French (Cameroon) Translation Services, or translation for any other French dialect, Ad Astra has you covered.

French is what we do. It was our starting point simply due to our physical location and the background of the in-house staff.

French is spoken by approximately 140,000,000 people in the world, which makes it one of the most prominent languages. We’re native French speakers and have links to virtually every French dialect around the world.

This has lead us to be the Premier French Translation Service provider for other Translation Companies around the world.

No matter where in the world you require your French translation to be read, we’ve got you covered.

Business in Québec?

Need to learn more about doing business in Québec? Look into our French Language Consulting Services (Francisation Consulting).

What makes our French Canadian Translation Services different from other agencies?

That’s a great question. We’re the ones that other Translation Companies use when they require French Translation services, which means we’re used to working with those who expect the absolute best. This fact alone is pretty impressive as it requires us to be flexible in terms of how we work with other companies, by falling into line with their processes, while still respect our own.

It means that we’re tech savvy, having to adapt to the plethora of platforms out there used by our industry colleagues.

It also means, our prices are fair. If other Translation Companies can use us to render quality translation to their customers, we’re doing something right.

Using Freelance Translators for French Canadian?

We’re happy your getting your translations done by a professional translator.

Did you know though, that your French Canadian Freelancer is probably about the same price as our rates? Yea, we were surprised as well.

We’re almost programmed to think that a freelancer will be more cost-effective, which would of course make sense. However, freelancers usually cost around 75-80% of a Language Service Company’s total rate.

And for that extra 20-25%, our process uses a professional project workflow, leading technology, and includes a dedicated project manager, up to 3 professional translators per project, technical assistance on file formats, Translation Memory and Glossary exports, recommendation on industry best-practices, post-delivery service support and certificates of accuracy (if requested).

That’s a lot of bang for an additional 20-25%.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Work Performed » 97%
Project Communication » 98%
Customer Service » 98%
Clients that would recommend us to a colleague » 100%

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    Language Service Company

    We provide English to French Translation Services to end-clients and other Translation Service Companies for the 140,000,000 French speakers in the world.

    On-time Delivery

    Your dedicated project manager organizes your requests and ensures that the workflows in place are completed so that your translated material can be delivered on-time.

    Awesome Communication

    The team is constantly overseeing their projects and makes sure to communicate project statuses as needed so that you always know what stage your project is at.

    Industry Best Practices

    Despite being an awesome team, we’re also very serious about what we do. With that said, we adhere to industry best practices to ensure our processes and work are solid.