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English to German Translation Services

German has an astonishing ~125,000,000 native speakers in the European Union. This volume of speakers, in addition to a unique culture and specializations in many high-demand industries like, medical sciences, engineering automotive, aerospace and manufacturing make German a top language for translation.

Ad Astra delivers top shelf professional German Translation Services to industry-leading German companies working in a variety of domains. 

German is a very complex language and ensuring highly precise, efficient translation requires professional translators who are experienced in your given industry. Ad Astra’s partnerships ensure that in-country resources are used through established, often ISO certified, companies. 

We use professional in-country German translators 
What is an in-country translator?
In-Country resources are translators that reside in the target country of the language we’re translating into. Essentially, this means that Ad Astra has strategic partnerships with companies in virtually every country for an associated language. This means our network actually does span around the world. 

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