When you need content, use

Ad Astra's professional copywriting services

When you need content, use

Ad Astra's professional copywriting services

by wWOKrR9z6kL2

Today’s content creation requires more than the “simple” ability of being able to author text. It requires copywriting professionals with the understanding of the media on which the content will be published, posted, distributed, etc. This is key to producing relevant content. Moreover, web content, which includes websites, blogs, social media, press releases and more, must now also include SEO, which is a completely different style of content creation. Need a sample, let us know!

Let’s give it a whirl!

Isn’t this what a Marketing Agency does?

Ad Astra’s professional content creation services can be carried out in virtually any language on the planet. No, really. And although, Marketing agencies specialize in “Marketing”, they often use copywriters to generate the meat of their message.

Here’s the thing with content. Sometimes, we have a Canadian, or American entity looking to specifically run a campaign in, let’s say, Germany. Now although there may be many similarities between these cultures, companies tend to author the material in their native language (i.e. English), and have it translated. Kudos for that by the way.

The issue however, is you’ve already started behind the eight ball. Why not use cultural and linguistic specialists to carry your notion and idea across borders and tongues, through Ad Astra’s content creation?

Our specialists will even be able to tell you if the idea isn’t culturally relevant, saving you time and money.

WAIT! I’m confused. So I shouldn’t translate my content?

Thanks for asking! Ok, let us break this down.

Have it translated when you’re looking to target many markets, cultures or countries for a product, service, content, or campaign.

Have it authored when you’re looking to target a single market, culture or country for a product, service, content, or campaign.

Ok, I need translation!  Ok, I need content creation!