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Virtual Interpreting Services • VI Services

Let’s face it, Virtual environments are here to stay. Whether connecting with friends, family, coworkers, instructors or our healthcare practitioners, using web cameras in virtual spaces are the new normal.

Ad Astra provides Virtual Interpreting Services on your preferred technology platform, whether Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Teams etc., to ensure that you can take advantage of the convenience that comes with VI.

Language. Diversity. Culture. Community.

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What is Virtual Interpreting?

So how exactly is Video Interpreting (VI) different from Video Remote Interpreting?

Good question. VI is for scheduled sessions – VRI is for on demand sessions. VI is done in your preferred platform. VRI is done in our leading technology platform.

Think of Virtual Interpreting (VI) as a close cousin to Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Where our Virtual Interpreting services offers a near infinite flexibility and web platforms. This means, we connect to your platform, whether Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Teams, etc.

Our VRI is a platform to which you are provided access, through a phone number and unique PIN. VRI is accessible to you anytime, on demand. Often you’ll have an interpreter on the line in your desired languages within 20 seconds.

Ad Astra ASL

How does Ad Astra provide unrivaled Virtual Services?

So what makes us different from other companies that just provide an interpreter on a webcam? Well, our meticulous pre-screening and onboarding process tests our interpreter’s fluency, technical competency, internet speeds, and recording environment. It may seem like a lot of extra precaution, but it’s this care that guarantees you get a crisp, clear, and unbroken virtual connection with one of our specialist interpreters. We also match you with the right virtual interpreter with linguistic competency in the legal, academic, financial or healthcare setting conversations you plan to have. 

It is our goal to maintain this level of excellence across the 100s of virtual interpretation appointments we handle 24/7. 

Considerations and Next Steps

Needs something more robust? Say you’re connecting several interpreters or speakers to create an even larger cross-cultural connection. We’ve got you covered there too. Speak with one of our team members to learn about our tailored Virtual Interpreting solutions and what option might suite you best. Don’t leave out your relative or peer at that next Zoom birthday party or family event! 

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