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Video Game Localization

North America is known around the world for video game development. And Montreal, our home town is especially known as an epicentre of video game development. As a result Translation Companies here have developed a unique specialization in video game localization services.

From multilingual game translations to linguistic support for scenario and script authoring, we’re well-versed in the world of Gaming and more specifically Video Game Language Support.

Ad Astra provides video game localization services to many awesome, small gaming studios. We do so proudly.

Surprisingly, many people within the language industry assume that because you may excel at Software Localization, you are automatically versed in Video Game Localization services. That’s not exactly accurate.

Despite the fact that you are probably well-positioned to carry out Video Game localization services, the Video Game industry is best served by those who really love gaming. The Gamer “Geeks”, if you will.

That’s where Ad Astra comes in. Aside from loving gaming, we’re aware that there are endless nuances of video game localization, like graphic localization to ensuring the UX is effectively localized for the target audience, avoiding literal translations, which may make the game seem… off. Even consulting on potentially culturally sensitive situations in the games for foreign markets.

Additionally, there is also the consideration in video game localization services of ensuring that all related game collateral and marketing campaigns are consistently localized.

So whether you’re comfortable with multilingual excel formats, prefer CSVs or JSON, Ad Astra Inc. can provide recommendations on your ongoing Localization strategies such as CI/CD and more.

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