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Transcreation Services

Sometimes translations of jokes, puns, play on words and other creative ideas just don’t play well with other languages. Try literally translating things like “Orange glad I didn’t say banana?”. It simply doesn’t work – and for that reason you need transcreation services. Creating an intelligent linguistic (and cultural) equivalent to creative content from a source language. Transcreation is the bee’s knees.

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Ad Astra Transcreation Services

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is the process of translating the intent of a given text, documents, taglines, slogans, etc from one language into another by allowing the translator to choose the style with which they feel best conveys the intent behind the source text. Example: Marketing taglines.

Ad Astra is pretty good at figuring out if you need transcreation services, even if you’re not sure about it. So it’s not necessarily something you need to worry about.

Once our professional in-house translators are faced with puns, play on words, foreign names or those quirky jokes that are culturally or linguistically sensitive, we know.   

And what happens then is a different approach to performing your professional translation services. We then translate the intent or notion of the original source text instead of “sticking” to exactly what is authored in the provided source material. Don’t worry though, we’re pros, the important details will of course be communicated effectively. 

If you’re using expressions in a creative piece like “Giving someone the cold shoulder” or “Going on a wild goose chase”, we’ll likely have to use an expression in the target language that conveys a similar idea or cultural idiom  behind the author’s intent. Otherwise, we may be inadvertently send prospects considering the purchase of a GPS app on a literal goose chase… Yeah. Transcreation is cool bananas. 

Ad Astra transcreator at work.

How does Ad Astra provide quality transcreation services?

Given that transcreation services aren’t straight up translation services, understanding how we ensure transcreation is performed is important.

Ad Astra has established specific criteria and style guides outlining a client’s preferences with respect to their content. We know by working closely with the client under which circumstances and material they prefer us to focus on transcreation.

Our recruitment specialists hand-pick transcreators with a specific skill-set, onboard them and ensure the project managers are aware of their area of expertise, and which profiles may be best suited for a given client profile.

We then ensure an efficient workflow involving transcreators, editors and Subject Matter Experts is created and respected, providing top-tier transcreation services.

Considerations and Next Steps

Naturally you’re going to want professional translators to work on your transcreation. But those professional translators are going to require tarnscreation experience. It’s not one of those things that everyone professional linguist can do with ease.

By providing you with access to our professional transcreators, KPI reporting, customer satisfaction statistics and professional services on how to improve and reduce language-related expenditure, Ad Astra is an obvious choice.

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