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TeleHealth and TeleMedicine Language Services

TeleHealth and TeleMedicine are terms that are the here and now of the healthcare industry. And no, they’re not the same thing. That being said, TeleHealth encompasses TeleMedicine and are considered two distinct segments of healthcare. Each respectively requiring TeleHealth Translation, TeleHealth Interpretation or TeleMedicine Interpretation services.

TeleHealth is increasing in popularity, which will result in the e-distribution and e-provision of health-related information and services to become mainstream. TeleHealth is the collection of digital management, transfer and use of health records, incorporating video conferencing platforms like Teams, Zoom, etc., to provide healthcare-related services.

TeleMedicine is by contrast, specifically refers to the provision of patient care through the video conferencing platforms, such as Teams and Zoom.

TeleHealth Translation, TeleHealth Interpretation and TeleMedicine Interpretation

Given that advancements in leaps and bounds have been achieved regarding digital support of such health segments, healthcare providers will be faced with the same, if not more complex language challenges as those found in traditional (in-person) healthcare.

TeleHealth Translation and TeleHealth Interpretation services promote the accessibility of information, ease of communication and enhance patient care. Through Ad Astra’s TeleHealth Translation services and TeleHealth Interpretation services, we’ll be able to effectively create a linguistic support strategy for your remotely rendered services.

Ad Astra already provides TeleHealth Translation and TeleHealth Interpretation Services to leading Hospitals, medical-facilities, the medical practitioners and their patients throughout North America.

We provide TeleHealth translation services for content related to any aspect of healthcare, where as we provide TeleHealth Interpretation services related to TeleMedicine and enable the provision of medical care between the practitioner and patient, irrespective of location.

Healthcare information is best communicated and understood in one’s native tongue. Especially, when dealing with serious, chronic and/or life-threatening situations.

No matter whether your requirements are English to Spanish TeleHealth Interpretation, or English to Arabic TeleHealth Interpretation and beyond, Ad Astra has professional TeleHealth interpretation resources at the ready.

Let’s discuss your TeleHealth Language Service needs and linguistic support strategy.

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