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Tactile Interpretation Services

Access to information is a human right.  And we here at Ad Astra do what we can to support that. Ensuring that our Deaf-Blind population receive the same opportunities and rights to information access is part of our company mission.

That’s why we select the highest caliber of trained and certified Tactile Interpreters for our Deaf-Blind peers whether in legal, social, medical or academic settings.

Language. Diversity. Culture. Community.

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Ad Astra Tactile interpretation

What is Tactile Interpretation?

So what is tactile interpreting or pro-tactile ASL? Well, this touch-technique can be performed in several manners. The most common is that of the hand-over-hand method or hands-on signing. The interpreter places one of their hands loosely on top of the Deaf-Blind individuals’ hands and receives the signed communication. The interpreter then orally communicates the message into spoken language and then relays communication back via pro-tactile ASL.

Here is an example from our Friends at Seek the World – Pro-Tactile ASL of how this body and touch-oriented communication is performed  Check it out here.

Ad Astra Tactile Interpretation Touch

How does Ad Astra provide quality Tactile Interpretation services?

Tactile is an evolving language, where more ways of communicating (signs) are being introduced on an ongoing basis. Considering this, our team of recruiters is sensitive to the evolving requirements for interpretation.

We vet our resources through varying methods, just like other interpreters we use, but also understand that with Tactile Interpretation, the “talent pool” is relatively limited making the opportunity to offer this service a privilege.

Considerations and Next Steps

Naturally, given the proximity of the parties and complexity of this language, great care must be taken to have a good “match”. The good match is important to ensure Deaf Blind individuals can feel comfortable, be understood and understand what is being communicated.

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