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Ad Astra offers comprehensive Spoken Interpretation Services around the world in over 250+ languages and dialects. Spoken interpretation is an overarching category, in which there are varying services. The most common are through spoken language (verbal) in the consecutive and simultaneous formats. This said the consecutive is seemingly less frequent given the developments in simultaneous support in common technology platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Ad Astra can perform interpretation services onsite or in a virtual setting. Onsite provision of interpreting services can be performed anywhere in the world. We’ve successfully provided onsite interpreting from Montreal, Longueuil, Toronto and Vancouver to Washington D.C., New York Miami, and Los Angeles.

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Ad Astra Spoken Interpretation

What is Spoken Interpretation?

Spoken Interpretation is act of listening to what is said by 1 person in a given language, and communicating that verbally to another person in their preferred language. The interpreter acts as a hub between the two parties.

This can be performed in 2 ways. Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services can be provided virtually (remote) as well as on-site (at your location or event’s location). As a point of interest, if you’re looking for non-spoken interpretation services (for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community), you can choose to learn more about our premium non-spoken language services such as American Sign Language, Tactile interpreting and transliteration.

Choosing a professional interpretation service partner for your spoken interpretation is a big choice for the success of your event, meeting or presentation. With hundreds of languages and dialects being spoken in the North America alone, it’s critical that you know that the information is being interpreted is conveyed accurately to your non-English speaking population and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing peers.

A simultaneous interpreter sits in their booth.

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpretation is the act of interpreting what 1 person says in 1 language and simultaneously communicating what is said into another language, all while matching meaning for meaning across the two languages.

As you can imagine, this requires not only a mastery of both languages involved, but nothing less than a superhuman ability to process incoming information while being able to communicate it instantaneously in another language.

Add to that the complexity of rendering the interpretation in an unbiased manner, the terminology considerations, emotions, diplomacy and industry specific situations, which could add circumstantial stresses, and you’ve got yourself a skillset like no other.

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What is Consecutive Interpreting?

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter acts as a linguistic hub between two individuals who could otherwise not communicate. The interpreter listens, (they may ask questions to ensure clarity) then conveys what the person said to the other individual in their language.

This is used in circumstances where an interpreter accompanies a person to an event, meeting, negotiations, appointment, travel or possibly a trainings.

Given the nature of the service and the luxury that the interpreter has of being able to pause, think, clarify ambiguities, Consecutive Interpretation is traditionally considered to be a more accurate form of interpretation, but not suited for all situations.

Interested in scheduling a session or discussing a requirement? Click here to contact us or chat with us using the chat in the lower right hand corner of the page.

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