Specialized Website Translation Services

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Specialized Website Translation Services

Whether the site has been developed in a proprietary or commercially available CMS, in PHP, HTML5, Node JS or a mix of many languages, Ad Astra’s technical prowess ensures that our website translation services provide peace of mind that your content is properly taken care of.

There are currently over 1 billion websites on the internet, and that increases virtually every hour. There is a statistic saying that more than half (52.4%) of online consumers only buy products and services on websites where information is offered in their native language. That’s a shocking stat, but also an incredible opportunity. Now that alone is a good reason to use Ad Astra’s website translation services.

Ad Astra makes your website global through Specialized Website Translation Services. If your site is contained within a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or even larger more corporate level CMSs such as Kentico, our website translation services enable direct CMS integration for real-time reception of published content. This streamlines the overall translation process and eliminates annoying content preparation and management on your end.

What’s more is that we have an understanding of working with a variety of website projects, from being included at the conception phase to being included after a site launch. The result has been in-depth of experience in website translation services.

No matter whether you want to handle the integration of the translation yourself or hand-off this responsibility to us in a turnkey solution, we’re flexible and will ensure to work with you, how you want.

Talk to us about direct integration with respect to our website translation services, or just in general about how we can take care of your specialized website translation service needs.

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