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Translation Services and Interpretation Services for School Districts

School District Interpretation Services and School District Translation Services are very specific service offerings that require a particular type of experience and professionalism.

The student body makeup in the United States includes those with LEP (Limited English Proficiency) as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. While School District Interpretation Services and School District Translation Services significantly contribute to success, the families of those students requiring assistance may also benefit from the services.

Although these distinct groups require a different set of services, both communities may be supported in their educational endeavors through linguistic support.

When thinking of translation, it should be noted that although Machine Translation (Automated) Translation can be seen as attractive in term of cost-savings, it doesn’t mean it what should be used to best serve your student or student-family populations.

How does Ad Astra support School Districts?

It’s a great question.

On Demand ASL Interpretation Services for School Districts 

Ad Astra provides linguistic support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students through ASL Interpretation Services. This can be offered on a punctual per need, i.e. On Demand ASL Interpretation, or longer-term requirements (scheduled ASL interpretation services), where an interpreter is assigned to a student for the duration of their semester and attends classes with them and in accordance with their schedule.

Our professional ASL interpreters are experienced in the provision of this type of service as we provide this service for many educational institutions across the United States.

Translation Services for School Districts

Translation Services for School Districts are critical in ensuring well communicated information to students and the families of students and is a core strategy in information accessibility for LEP (Limited English Proficiency) in addition to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Ad Astra can handle everything from sensitive document translation to broad announcements and information to be published on social platforms or websites irrespective of timeline or file format.

Ad Astra Translation Services are cost-effective and can provide quick turnaround within 24-hours.


Your money needs to go a long way. Investments into language services like ASL Interpretation Services or Translation Services should be just that… an investment. And what is the golden rule to investing? It should provide a return.

Ad Astra is specialized in educational material translation services and the provision to ASL Interpretation services in academic situations. Let’s have a chat about how Ad Astra can ensure your allocated funds (and the tax payers) are well spent.

After all, we’re all about community and offer compassion pricing to School Districts.

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