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Recreational Cannabis Translation Services

Recreational Cannabis Translation services take a very specific understanding in order to provide professional translation of your cannabis information, services, products and accessories. Although there is broader acceptance of recreational cannabis use, it’s still important to properly communicate accurate educational information about the effects of cannabis and cannabis-infused products, whether through marketing material or product labels.

Whether you work for an international cannabis company, which produces cannabis for recreational use, have a dispensary, or even sell cannabis-related services or accessories, it’s of critical importance that you use specialized cannabis translation services, to ensure you’re accurately communicating information while also increasing revenue opportunity through market education.

Recreational Cannabis is such a broad spectrum of messaging, information and products, which must be technically precise when translating for foreign or local markets. Professional cannabis translation services can accurately handle the translation for recreational cannabis content, including:  packaging, marketing campaigns, cannabis strain information and its effects, services, products and accessories.

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Whether specifically related to Cannabis, or Cannabis-infused products, or the accessories, Ad Astra can handle your translation into any language.

We already help leaders in the cannabis industry effectively translator their content for foreign and local markets. And that requires some pretty impressive skills.

Knowing the difference between cannabinoids and phenotypes, THC and CBD, while understanding the implications of using different strains for different effects, from winding down after a hard day, or energizing before enjoying a night out, is really just the starting point for your cannabis translation service partner.

With a 2000+ term glossary specifically related to cannabis, the largest in the industry, and a team of cannabis-savvy professional translators, we lead the way for all recreational cannabis-related translation services.

Irrespective of you requiring English to Spanish translation, English to French translation, English to Danish translation in Boulder, Maine, Chicago, New York, LA, Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa, Ad Astra will be happy to chat about your requirements to understand what your preferred method of working with recreational cannabis translation services are.

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