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Subtitling Services • Closed Captioning

Subtitling is one of those things that most language companies say they can do. But they usually end up outsourcing it, raising your costs and adding an extra player to the game. Ad Astra has in-house talent who can lead the subtitling efforts and ensure industry best practices are used for your subtitling needs.

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What is Subtitling?

Subtitles, captions, on screen text – you’ve seen it, and we know just how to deliver it. We can provide you with accurate subtitles in any language or dialect for your videos and social media content.

If you’d like caption files in SRT format to then place in your Youtube videos, broadcasts, corporate vides or more, we have you covered – our media specialist team can also burn the caption into the video and provide you with updated video files to your preferred specs and format.   

Not only is including captions on video material a federal requirement for government organizations, but this inclusive approach to time-based visual content actually increases engagement . Think about how many times you’ve continued to watch something on your mobile device or over room chatter when you can follow along with accurate, written captions? 

How does Ad Astra provide accurate and rapid subtitling turnovers? 

Through a combination of machine assisted transcription and a rigorous quality control post-process, our linguists review the generated transcripts and caption file to verify the accuracy of the translated spoken language on screen.

Finding the nuance and textual descriptions of the additional sounds or ambience in a scene further bolster the quality and detail we apply to your captions. 

Considerations and Next Steps

Contact us today to discuss how you can begin to make your video content Deaf-friendly and otherwise more accessible in any spoken language or dialect imaginable. 

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