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Medical Cannabis Translation Services

Medical Cannabis Translation Services are much more complex and nuanced than the masses think. The Medical Cannabis industry is such a vast and technically precise industry that required professional translation companies that understand the science, the DNA and the peripheral industries related to it.

Ad Astra, Inc. has a specialized in-house staff that handles the translation for medical cannabis content, such as marketing, technical and clinical research information related to the effects, potency and strains of cannabis, the sale and services related to medical cannabis, the subsequent labelling of products and accessories and more. All this requires very specific knowledge.

Whether you work for an international cannabis company, which produces marijuana for medical or recreational use, have a dispensary, or even sell cannabis-related services or products, it’s of critical importance that you use specialized cannabis translation services, to ensure you’re effectively communicating to your audience and increasing the relay of information while also increasing revenue opportunity.

So what makes us different? Well, we already help leaders in the medical cannabis industry and that requires some pretty impressive skills. Knowing the difference between cannabinoids and phenotypes, THC and CBD, while understanding the implications of using different strains for relief of varying medical symptoms is just the starting point for your medical marijuana translation service partner.

With the largest established multilingual glossary of recreational and medical cannabis terminology and a team of marijuana-savvy professional translators, we lead the way for all cannabis-related translation services.

Irrespective of you requiring English to Spanish translation, English to French translation, English to Chinese translation in DC, Toronto, California, Ottawa or Vancouver, Ad Astra will be happy to chat about your requirements to understand what your medical marijuana translation service needs are.

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