The Ad Astra, Inc.

Leadership Team

Lena Petrova-Toolsie • She/Her/Hers
Founder and CEO
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Lena is an unbelievable leader. Through her leadership, Ad Astra has grown from a garage-based micro-company to the leading language service company it is today, 10 years in the making.

An interpreter herself by degree, she understands the ins and outs of the language industry. She’s also known for her unwavering commitment to advocacy and community.

She’s easy going, driven and leads through a mix of understanding and wisdom.

Bryan Montpetit • He/Him/His
Vice President
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Bryan has always been an individual that possesses strong ethics and diplomacy. This has led him to establish wonderful relationships with colleagues, employees and clients throughout his career.

As a programmer-analyst by degree, Bryan has a wealth of experience working on both the service and technology side of the language industry.

He’s easy going, open-minded and driven and leads by example.

John Eick • He/Him/His
Director of Operations
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John, an experienced Human Resources and Recruiting Director with a solid history of working in the Recruiting and Compliance industry.

John has Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in American Government and Politics (United States) from The Catholic University of America.

He’s wonderfully entertaining, process-oriented and exudes compassion.

Bobby Harris • He/Him/His
Director of Operations, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
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Bobby holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology focusing on Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. One of his heart-felt missions is striving to help build a bridge between the deaf world and the hearing world.
Bobby is very passionate and active about giving back to the community. He has volunteered on the Board for the Maryland Association of the Deaf and has an innate ability to overcome barriers, whether professional or personal, which serves as a testament to his outstanding character and friendly personality.

He’s open-minded, fun-loving and inspires others.