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Localization Services

Localization comes down to money. Not the money you’ll spend on localizing a game, app or software, but the money you will potentially tap into by opening up your product to new markets. The money you’ll spend on localization is actually an investment, right?

Ad Astra has a wealth of experience localizing and has in-house game, app and software localization SME’s ready to help. 

Language. Diversity. Culture. Community.

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What is Localization?

Localization (L10N) is the popular process of translation for a particular locale. The less common accompanying processes are Globalization (G11N) and Internationalization (I13N).

Globalization is an engineering task that prepares a game, app, or software to support localization, in the same way that Internationalization (I13N) is the umbrella under which Globalization and Localization fall. 

As you can imagine, covering virtually any language combination, means that translation services are often more complex than thought, as there are endless considerations to be made, such as style, tone and terminology consistency to ensure your content is being effectively communicated.

Ad Astra Localization Services

Ad Astra provides leading localization services

Choosing a professional localization service partner for your language requirements is a critical step to successfully getting your localization project to market.

There are so many moving parts in localization that your project and business success rely on how manage your assets, project and roll out strategy behind supporting a localized product.

So no matter what file format you’re starting from; a .csv, .xlsx, .po, .res, etc., Ad Astra can support any file format and accommodate pretty much any process.

The question for you is the level of involvement you’re looking for from your  software localization service company.

Considerations and Next Steps

No matter whether you require English to French Translation Services, (which includes English to French Canadian Translation Services), English to Spanish or even English to any other language, Ad Astra is able to accommodate your language needs for virtually any domain or subject matter.

By providing you with access to our professional translators, KPI reporting, customer satisfaction statistics and professional services on how to improve and reduce language-related expenditure, Ad Astra is an obvious choice.

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