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Professional Francisation Consulting Services for Businesses in Québec

Québec is an amazing place to do business, but did you know that Bill 96 now extends francisation requirements to companies that employ more than 25 people in Québec, as opposed to the previous 50 employees. You may require a certificate of francisation as per the Charter of the French Language.

When you need to navigate the proverbial linguistic landmines of Québec Language Laws and work through the process of Francisation certification or simply compliance, Ad Astra is an ideal partner to do the hand holding.

Ad Astra has partnered with local Québec (language law) specialists, who have intimate and specialized knowledge of the Charter of the French Language, the OQLF requirements (French only) and the in’s and out’s of the new Bill 96.

They will guide you through the process ensuring the smoothest journey to obtain the Francisation certification or establish the requirements to effectively and properly set up shop in Québec. What’s more is they focus on what “must” be done legally as opposed to blindly informing you to “translate everything”.

Language. Diversity. Culture. Community.

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Fact about Quality

Believe it or not, the quality of the French on your site impacts your compliance. Poor or automatically translated content will be unlikely to pass the OQLF quality verification. This is why Professional Translations Services are offered to linguistically support our Francisation Consulting Services.

How does Francisation Consulting Services work for Bill 101, Bill 96?

Francisation Consulting Services – Doing business in Montréal, Longueuil, Laval, Sherbrooke, Québec. Or looking to do business from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Ad Astra (formerly MontLingo) believes the very best way to get started is to assess the starting point, which is to say, where you and your organization are right now. What is your current standing? Are you a good corporate citizen? Are you using Machine Translation (i.e. Google Translate), tried to have the translation done piecemeal or sent it aboard to save some of the investment to try and demonstrate compliance? This is all assessed via a francisation linguistic audit.

From there, our partners create a francisation strategy helping guide you through the required steps to move you towards being compliant and obtaining your Francisation certificate issued by the OQLF (French Only).

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Is Ad Astra just a pass through to a consultant?

That’s a fair question. So here’s a clear answer. No.

Ad Astra does the heavy lifting in terms of linguistic support. This is to say the provision of the language services you’ll likely require to be compliant with the OQLF and obtain your Francisation Certificate.

So our partners focus on the legal aspects of francisation, Ad Astra focuses on the linguistic support of francisation. Combined, this provides you and your organization the tools required to seek the most efficient route to certification or compliance.

Considerations and Next Steps

We understand that this is a lot to digest.

Ad Astra also helps with creating Québec Business Branding and Marketing Strategy from a linguistic perspective.

Naturally, when establishing your business in Québec or simply seeking to be a good corporate citizen, there are numerous things to consider. How effective your brand will be in Québec is one of the main ones.

Let Ad Astra help you create an effective Québec-compatible brand and strategy to creating maximum impact for your business activities in Québec. As the expression goes, people don’t plan to fail, but do indeed fail to plan.

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Quick Tip

Client Facing Content, which is to say, content that may be seen by the public, like websites, job posts, service or product notification, product labels are all items that should be translated.

Also – internal items relating to HR and Corporate policies, would be priority, as these affect those you employ in Québec.

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