Providing Feedback to Ad Astra, Inc.

We want to know your thoughts about our services

The Ad Astra Leadership Team is Listening. ?

Ad Astra is committed to our clients (and providers). And because things in business can sometimes go sideways despite our best intentions, we want to ensure you have an easy way to let us know.

When we say “us”, we mean that this form (found below) is communicated to the entire Ad Astra, Inc. leadership team to ensure what you’d like to make known is truly heard.

What to expect once you’ve submitted something

First, someone from the leadership team will first and foremost confirm receipt of your email. This wont be an automated type confirmation. A real, living breathing member of the leadership team will get back to you right away, not just some automated canned response.

From there, we’ll take some time to assess your submission and perform any internal due diligence required, to educate ourselves on your matter.

We’ll then reach out to have a chat with the intent of making things better for everyone.

Thank you for making your thoughts/opinions/concerns/discontentment known to us.