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English to Chinese Translation Services

Mandarin Chinese, the most common Chinese dialect, is the most widely spoken language in the world. There are over 800 million native Mandarin speakers. 

Chinese is a language that is composed of ~50,000 characters and when dealing with Chinese Translation Services, the first question you’ll likely be asked is whether you’d like Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. The answer depends on where in China your translation is destined for. You may also be asked whether you’d like Mandarin Translation Services or Cantonese Translation Services. 

Seems like it’s tough enough just to make a request for English to Chinese Translation Services because of all the related information you may need to provide the translation company in order to get the translation done properly. 

This may help, Simplified Chinese, which was developed by the Chinese Government to encourage literacy, is used in mainland China and Singapore where as Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong, so knowing where your translation is going to be distributed (or read) is a great starting point for helping the translation company help you. 

We use professional in-country Chinese translators 

What is an in-country translator? 

In-Country resources are translators that reside in the target country of the language we’re translating into. Essentially, this means that Ad Astra has strategic partnerships with companies in virtually every country for an associated language. This means our network actually does span around the world. 

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