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Official Documents for Individuals

Ad Astra Canada specializes in Professional Certified Translation Services for individuals and families requiring OTTIAQ-certified translation of official documents. With an office in Brossard, Québec, we are a leading choice for certified translation in Longueuil, South Shore and the Greater Montreal Area.

Ad Astra Canada is a full-service language company, catering to individual translation requirements for those in need of certified translation services and professional translation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Certified Translations

Q: How long does a certified translation take?

On average, certified translations of official documents can be turned around in 2-3 business days. This is of course dependent on the language combination being requested, but our project managers will confirm timelines when they provide you with a quote on the translation request.

Q: Are your translations certified by OTTIAQ?

Yes. If you require certification of official documents for the Québec or Canadian Governments, you can rest assured that they are OTTIAQ certified, or an equivalent certifying body based on needs.

Q: How much does a certified translation cost?

The cost of a certified translation can vary on what you have to have translated and the language combination of the translation.

Our project managers will provide you with a quote by email based on your requirements, which you can approve to kick off the process.

Q: How does the translation process work?

The certified translation process is relatively simple.

1. You provide an electronic version of your document to be translation. This can be a picture or a scan of both front and back (or each page within) and submit it to Ad Astra Canada. (You can use the form to the right.)

2. Our project managers will create and send you a quote by email based on your request while also providing a timelime on when your translation will be completed.

3. Should you accept, you pay by credit card and we’ll kick off the project.

4. From there, we use either our internal certified professional translators or reach out to other certified professional translators, when the languages cannot be serviced in-house.

5. Once completed, we will notify you by telephone, text or email and schedule a pick up of the physical documents at our office. Should you only require the digital version,  we’ll provide it to you via email.

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Q: How do I know you're legit?

Since 2016, Ad Astra Canada, which was originally MontLingo, has completed hundreds of Individual Translations. These certified translations ranged from English and French to be translated from Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and many many more. We have not had a single rejection in our years of performing certified translations.

You can also see our testimonials!

Q: Which languages can you handle?

Ad Astra Canada, Inc. has certified resources located right here in Québec for virtually any language. That said, our primary languages for certification are

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese

Note however, we are not limited to these languages, but they are simply the most frequent languages requested.

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Our biggest worry with translation services was the quality. We had looked online and tried out many different companies, Ad Astra was by far the best choice.

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