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Canadian Food Label Translation

Canadian food label translation law requires producers and manufacturers of food and drug products to provide labels in both English and French for most prepackaged foods or over the counter medications.

Although this might seem like a bothersome extra step, it’s actually a great opportunity to have your product reach more consumers while complying with important national laws that will ensure your product seems and is safe to potential clients.

How Canadian Food Labelling Helps You

By having both English and French in your labeling you can increase consumer interest and confidence in your product. Consumers are more likely to buy if they can understand exactly what it is they are purchasing. This also increases language access, an important part of commerce and quality of life overall. Canada is the United States’ largest export market and earnings from it reached almost 400 billion in 2021. 22.8% of Canadians speak French, so you could be tapping into a huge market.

Why you need to use trusted experts

The translation of labeling is important and should be handled with care by professionals. When dealing with ingredients that could potentially help or harm a consumer, taking the time to ensure everything is properly translated is crucial. It’s also important to comply with the rules established by the Canadian government, which is notoriously strict when it comes to labeling.

Hiring translators might seem like an extra cost but it will save money and reduce hassle in the long run by avoiding misunderstandings or errors in ingredients.
Ad Astra has in house experts that specialize in the French Canadian Food Label translation market and understand the nuances of this particular culture. They are prepared to handle projects of any scope and we have experts from a great number of fields.

Canada is going through major language changes, so we’re happy to help you keep up to date with new requirements. Contact us today and get started with your French Canadian translation project.

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