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ASL Interpreter Services

We support our Deaf and Hard of Hearing peers through our robust American Sign Language interpretation services that are guided by our internal Deaf Leadership team. With some 600k Deaf individuals in America, it is our mission to ensure that they have language access through a trained, certified and pre-certified ASL interpreter whether in healthcare, academic institutions, political or news media settings.

For our team, we go beyond just the sale of the service. We consult with the Deaf community to make sure that our practices and approach are in line with needs of this linguistic minority.

Now you might think that just assigning a sign language interpreter to a Deaf student, patient and event means the job has been done. The truth is that there are a variety of variables to consider such as cultural competency combined with linguistic competency and subject matter expertise that make an assigned ASL interpreter the best possible fit.

Language. Diversity. Culture. Community.

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What do we mean by a culturally competent ASL Interpreter? 

Cultural competency in a signed space refers to a hearing or Deaf interpreters’ ability to effectively communicate the messages and perspectives of a cultural group. By finding the right interpreter with a cultural background and comprehension that matches the needs of the individual receiving our services we foster a better connection and stronger communication. It’s this trust between the individual and the interpreter that allows earnest and truthful expression, by allowing them to feel comfortable. This extra step is something Ad Astra prides itself on. 

Now you saw us mention Deaf interpreters earlier, we’ll explain more below. 

Considerations and Next Steps

Paired with a hearing ASL interpreter, the CDI presence allows for a deeper sense of trust, comfort and authenticity in the communicated message amongst Deaf populations. Best practice dictates that integrating CDIs into more visible events will ensure better communication and a better reception from the audience 

Find out more about our signed language support here and whether your assignment might require a CDI.  

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